After nearly a decade as a coach and Recruiting Coordinator at the Division 1 College Football level I have seen first hand High School Coaches and Athletic Directors get constantly bombarded with the increasing demands of the recruiting process. Watching coaches struggle to get multiple copies of transcripts, information sheets, and other materials to recruiters has become the full-time job of High School Coaches.

In addition, with the growing concern over the protection of personal information recruited athletes personal information needs to be protected more thoroughly. The challenge to create a secure exchange of recruiting information and documents; along with creating a way to make High School Coaches more efficient in this transmission, has pushed us to create UTranscript. UTranscript allows coaches to remain the best asset in recruiting while making them more efficient and giving them back their time.

UTranscript is a secure online website that is completely mobile ready.  Allowing for Coaches and Athletic directors to be more organized and efficient but also expediting the recruiting process by getting the important information to recruiters faster.

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