How It Works

Whether it is for an individual sport or for all sports in the athletic department. There is a package for each all supplying the same advantages:

Take any of the normal information you may send to recruiters: Prospect Sheets, Transcripts, Test Scores, School Profile and upload them to a password protected, secure file sharing site.  Here you can access all of your information and send to recruiters at any time from any computer or with any mobile device.

Recruiters receive an email alert once a package is sent and log in with their specific username and password to see the package.  The recruiters can see all of the information including any attachments sent and are kept in a secure organized place and can be downloaded by the college recruiter as needed.

The site allows dynamic upload of new transcripts, test scores, and information as it changes.  When information is changed no need to resend changes update for all coaches that have been sent the players package. Limiting the need for resending and redoing work already done by you.

All functions can be done from anywhere from computer or mobile device.

Coach Access

Making the lives of
high school coaches easier
while protecting the personal
information of student athletes.

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